Ever wondered what your child really thinks about the stroller you have them strapped in day in and day out? If so, a test such as this may be of assistance.

Contours Baby recently conducted a head-turn-worthy experiment that placed older individuals in an adult-sized stroller, so that they could provide some feedback on the ride — you know, seeing as babies can’t necessarily articulate their opinions on the apparatus.

We find the results — or trial runs, if you will — more so as comedic relief, as the above video showcases numerous adults being wheeled around in the giant stroller. The looks from those that witness the stunt are nothing short of priceless.

And hey, if you’re a parent who is in the market for a new baby stroller, the findings may be of greater importance to you. FYI, the stroller being tested is Contours Baby’s signature model, the Bliss 4-in-1.

Not NYC, not LA.

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