Coffee, like wine, can be an intimidating world to break into. The strains and flavors of coffee beans are so complex and diverse that, for a java rookie, can be too overwhelming to even try to start understanding. Enter Collected Coffee, a new website that offers a subscription service of beans from around the world and, for addicts and willing learners, will be your new best friend.

Collected Coffee has a simple but effective premise: offer beans from a different provider each month and deliver it right to your doorstep. The website launched this month with The Barn, a Berlin roaster who created a blend of beans from Colombia. The site also offers a variety of coffee-related information that could prove informative for even the most die-hard connoisseurs, such as a comprehensive listing of the different kinds of brew-pots, and how to prepare each one.

Check out Collected Coffee’s website to sign up for their June subscription.

If you’re less of a coffee nut and more of a wine guy, then this ten-story winery is set to open imminently in France.

Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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