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Any product that promises to make travel easier and reduce the stress brought on by check-in queues, security checks, and overpriced bottles of water, is immediately a win in our books.

The Aer Travel Pack is the ideal carry-on for a short trip or weekend break. It’s been designed to meet the maximum carry-on limits for international and domestic flights, so you save time by avoiding baggage drop-off and collection queues. There’s also quick and easy access compartments for when you’ve got to empty out half your belongings at security.

Like Aer’s Gym Duffel, it features a ventilated compartment that means you can keep your shoes and dirty washing separate from the rest of your gear. Plus the suitcase shape and clamshell opening allow you to pack it like you would a regular travel case, with no space wasted.

The Travel Pack launches on Kickstarter on June 7 and Aer is offering the first 250 backers an exclusive limited time offer. For more luggage options, check out our guide to buying a backpack.

Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor
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