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The last 15 minutes of Interstellar might have been the worst part of the movie, but who wouldn’t want to inhabit that space colony at the end? Unsurprisingly, director Christopher Nolan didn’t just pluck the idea out of thin air — NASA once believed that construction of such structures could have begun as early as 1990.

It’s now 2016 and what do we have instead? Smartphones, electric cars, and a wine-focused theme park in France. Not exactly a space colony but an adequate alternative I suppose.

The retro-futurist designs seen above are the work of Rick Guidice and Don Davis. In 1975, the artists worked with Princeton professor Gerard O’Neill on a 10-week study into off-world structures. They came up with three supposedly feasible ideas to present to NASA, who were funding the research.

Interstellar isn’t the only film to have been influenced by the illustrations. The space station “Elysium,” in the film of the same name, bears a striking resemblance to the artwork. So, let’s just hope it doesn’t take the realization of a dystopia for such off-world concepts to become a reality.

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Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor
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