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Did you guys know that the 10 Year Anniversary of MTV’s The Hills was this week? The Hills was dope, but real heads know that Laguna Beach > The Hills. Laguna Beach was dope because there was like, less of a Hollywood sheen on everything and they were affluent teenagers living in California. I loved all the background characters. The GOAT Laguna Beach character was Tre, the artsy trustafarian who came from inherited architecture and photography gallery money, got better looking after graduation and ended up in New York working in fashion. That’s like, every single 11th grader’s god dream.

There was a kid like Tre in my school. His family owned this amazing craftsman style bungalow. It wasn’t huge, but it was so nicely appointed and all their family photos were black and white candid shots of them looking like a J. Crew catalog. They hosted exchange students from Tokyo and they were the first people I ever heard talk about organic food. The real hallmark of this kid’s wealth was that he drove an old ass Volvo. If you know any kids that drive old Volvos, their parents definitely can afford free range versions of animals.

Anyways, we always used to drive around his Volvo and smoke stuff during off campus lunch or whatever. It was his idea to go to the Sephora in the rich mall to spray on some cologne to cover up the smell of stale cigarettes and pretty decent weed. I pretended to like Dave Matthews Band so I could hold on to my seat in the back of that Volvo and this really pretty girl’s Jeep Grand Cherokee. That’s why I never judged any of the thirsty behavior on Laguna Beach. I pulled a Donnie Brasco, lost myself, and listened to, like, fiddling, all to eat free range chicken.

I bet you the kid that drove that Volvo owns an electric bike like this one. My girlfriend is trying to convince me to ride bikes this summer. I told her I had a fun childhood and rode my bike enough then. She didn’t think that was funny so I told her I’d ride bikes with her if I found a dope bike. I decided halfway through typing “dope bikes” in Google that I wanted a bike that pedaled itself. I cannot wait to run over some dude in espadrille’s foot at the farmer’s market on this thing. If I had this bike I would totally buy celery and carrots with really ostentatious tops just so they would peek out the top of my bespoke tote bag to complete my weekend tableau.

Once you’ve embraced the electric bike, farmer’s market lifestyle, you need to buy some sneakers that embraced this washed, but like, an elevated washed, lifestyle. A lot of people will suggest new balances or vans or some other fairly safe cool dad sneakers. But these gray Internationalists are actually the maneuver if you’re washed, but in a really dope way. Like, you’re a dad, you work 55 hours a week, and you smoke weed, but you ask for weed “that’s not too strong” because you’re not trying to stare at the on demand screen for 45 minutes.

Speaking of washed dads, Under Armor clothing just announced Tim Coppens as Creative Director for their sportswear division. This is dope because Tim Coppens is dope and Under Armor can’t really get any worse and isn’t old enough to tie Coppens to a design legacy. If Tim Coppens can get me to wear Under Armor (and based on his own design history, that’s likely) he’ll be able to do something even Steph Curry couldn’t.

Did you guys see the ACRONYM Air Prestos? These are high definition. I really want these sneakers. I really need them because instead of pining for a dystopian future I realize we already are living in a dystopia. I’m ready to hack the planet and I’m gonna have an electric bike so I might as well have futuristic sneakers to wear while I refrain from using my own muscles to move.

— Jon Moy

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