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Bernie vows to fight on

Even though his slim hopes of clinching the Democratic nomination evaporated in the Californian sun yesterday, Bernie Sanders won’t go quietly into the night, instead, he defiantly told supporters that “the struggle continues.” This new slogan shows a shift in tone from the Sanders camp, switching gears from a march to victory to the struggle to change America’s broken social and political system. Realistically, this was always his objective rather than actually winning the damn thing, only now he can drop the poker face. – Washington Post.

Fat Axl Roses tells Google to take down memes

Former Guns N’ Roses frontman, Axl Rose, isn’t too happy about the “Fat Axl Rose” meme that’s lumbering around on the internet. In fact, he’s so incensed that he has sent at least 11 requests to Google since May 31 demanding that the search monopolist remove said memes, citing copyright violations as justification. – Associated Press.

Is Google racist?

If you stick the terms “three white teenagers” into a Google search, you’ll get a stock photo of three wholesome, cardboard cutout suburban teens from some middle class nowheresville in America. Googling “three black teenagers,” however, will trudge up a set of mugshots, a discovery that has dragged Google into a race row. – The Daily Telegraph.

California pays people to stop shooting each other

Richmond, California had a murder rate 11 times higher than New York City in 2007. Since then, a controversial scheme that pays people with high gun crime convictions to stop shooting at other human beings has cut that rate in half (…that means Richmond is still 550% murder-happy than NYC, but hey, it something), although it’s not without its critics and controversy. – The Guardian.

Tim Berners-Lee wants to untangle the web

The internet’s creator, Tim Berners-Lee is a bit bummed out by the way his brain child has become deformed and disgusting as it has evolved: government’s are spying on civilians, tech firms and web business have formed digital monopolies, and trolls spew misogynistic abuse. To counteract this Berners-Lee has led a summit on decentralizing the web to boost privacy, poke government spies in the eyes, and strip away corporate influence. – Gizmodo.

Cavaliers crush Golden State Warriors

Fears that the NBA finals were going to go out with a dull traipse rather than a bang were crushed as hard as the Golden State Warriors last night. A team that some have hailed as the greatest ever, even better than the ’90s Chicago Bulls, were trampled by a scoreline of 120-90 in Cleveland last night, meaning there’ll be at least five games in a series that now sits at a scoreline of 2-1. – ESPN.

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