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Elizabeth Warren for Vice President?

After decisively clinching the nomination, democrats lined up to endorse Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid yesterday (as if they hadn’t tacitly done so already.) One such endorsement came from that other darling of the liberal left, Massachusetts senator, Elizabeth Warren – AKA the female Bernie Sanders. When quizzed by Rachel Maddow, Warren hinted that she’d be interested in being Clinton’s tag-team partner on the November ballot. – Politico.

Euro 2016 mascot shares name with sex toy

UEFA, Europe’s governing football body, was left red-faced after it transpired that the mascot for this year’s European football championships, Super Victor, shares its name with a sex toy. UEFA chiefs naturally came out to deny that the caped boy has any official relation to his 10″ dildo namesake. – The Guardian.

Football fans brawl in Marseille

The first ball hasn’t even been kicked at Euro 2016 yet, but that hasn’t stopped football fans from fighting each other already. English fans (who else?) were involved in brawls with local Olympique Marseille supporters, whose home city will host England’s opening match against Russia on Saturday. The city is known for its large Arab population and England fans made things terribly awkward by shouting racially-tinged chants like “ISIS, where are you?” which prompted the French authorities to bust out the tear gas. – The Evening Standard.

Scientists turn CO2 into stone, good news for global warming

Humanity’s losing battle against climate change just became a little less hopeless after scientists discovered that they can transform CO2 into stone. Researchers in Iceland pumped CO2 and water underground into volcanic rock, causing a reaction that converted the carbon dioxide to a stable, immobile chalky solid. Maybe we’re not all doomed after all? – BBC News.

Progressive countries have a domestic violence problem

The Nordic countries that rank in the top four spots of the global gender equality index—Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland—also, perversely, happen to have a bit of a domestic violence problem. Well, they still rank relatively low on that front, but they’re paradoxically much higher than you would expect from their idealistic political leanings. – Washington Post.

Are the Golden State Warriors’ tech fans gentrifying the NBA?

Conveniently positioned within easy reach of Silicon Valley, a number of top tech executives from companies such as Apple, as well as numerous startups, have been spotted at Golden State Warriors games. This is causing a sort of NBA gentrification by driving up ticket prices, to the detriment of longtime fans that have stuck with the Warriors through many years of mediocrity. – New York Times.

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