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Of the many recurring sketches that have graced The Tonight Show studio under the reign of Jimmy Fallon, the slow-jam read of the news by none other than President Obama has got to be one of best. And if anyone’s counting, there are only a few more months that Barack can stop by as a sitting president. Which is why last night’s slow jam was particularly special, as it may prove to be his last.

Naturally, this jam was heavily centered around the current presidential election. When asked about the fearsome Donald Trump, Obama quipped that maybe “orange is not the new black.” He and Fallon traded barbs as they covered the many accomplishments the Obama administration has made over the past two terms, though he firmly stated that he is “not Steph Curry, there will not be a third.”

Watch the whole clip above and stay tuned to our IRL series for the latest in the upcoming election.

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