This week Crep Protect has launched their new series titled “OG Sneakerhead.” In the first episode, titled “The Re-Up,” we see how obsessed one particular sneaker enthusiast is with keeping his Air Maxes — and his infrared Air Max mask — clean. But what happens when he runs out of the always-clutch Crep Protect cleaner?

Well, he pretty much loses his mind, smashes things around the house, and eventually heads to his local sneaker store only to find that it’s closed. He in turn decides it’d be a good idea to take a sledgehammer and shatter the window, just to get his hands on a fresh can of Crep Protect.

To check it all out and more, press play above for episode one of “OG Sneakerhead.”

Also, see below to watch as we tried to destroy a pair of all-white adidas Stan Smiths. Spoiler alert: Crep Protect wasn’t having it.

Not NYC, not LA.

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