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Aitor Throup has unveiled a pre-collection of trans-seasonal prototypes entitled “The Rite of Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter,” which is inspired by a creative epiphany and his own self-reflection.

The concept pieces were shown to a packed crowd at a deconsecrated church in Marylebone earlier this week, and are now on display at Dover Street Market. The display itself features the puppets used in Throup’s debut runway show, which were made from Throup’s signature molded mesh and 3D-printed casts (made especially for the unique specifications of puppetry movement) made by 3D scans of Throup’s own body. Each puppet wears a complete look from the New Object Research collection, making the sculptures complete one-offs.

Throup’s previous concepts from his first New Object Research collection “The Death of Mongolia”, “When Football Hooligans Become Hindu Gods,” “The Funeral of New Orleans” and “On The Effects of Ethnic Stereotyping” were the first examples of Throup’s deep interest in story telling.

In Aitor’s own words,

“(Following the four successful concepts) I had achieved a personally satisfactory level of storytelling and product innovation… But I was still deeply unhappy as an artist. I was trapped by my work. I just wanted to create and to finally unblock the limitations that I had created around myself. I wanted to take off the armor that was my creative ego.”

But then, he explains, something changed.

“On the 13th of February 2015 at 22:30 I had a creative epiphany… I understood why I had put myself through years of blind commitment to an unknown cause. I finally understood my work, and at the same time broke free from its previous restrictions.”

The collection itself features utility-influenced pieces, such as a lightly padded nylon jacket, a papery parka, a dip-dyed hoodie, skinny combat pants, and a bright white parka worn with a tulle underskirt.

Since graduating from London’s Royal College of Art in 2004, Throup has also been busy away from his own clothing lines – he’s directed music videos, and collaborated with Stone Island and Umbro.

His latest New Object Research pieces are available for purchase on request from Dover Street Market in London from now until July 6.

In other related news, Gucci just turned its label red for this exclusive DSM collection.

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