Back by popular demand, Sprite’s “Obey Your Verse” campaign continues to celebrate hip-hop and pay tribute to the artistry of lyricism with a new set of cans featuring lyrics from 2Pac, Missy Elliott and J. Cole.

The Sprite limited-edition packaging will feature 16 lyrical designs that speak to the emcees’ voices and storytelling. Each can will be emblazoned with custom fonts that represent the style of both the artist and the lyric.

Lyrics like 2Pac’s “The gift of speech, the power to reach,” Missy’s “I won’t settle for less” and J. Cole’s “You gotta dream like you never seen obstacles” are just a few examples of the phrases adorning the cans. To see more of the lyrics visit Sprite’s Tumblr page.

As you collect the limited-edition cans, you can log onto from your phone and snap a photo of each can to unlock a Sprite product offer, earn a music reward, and be entered for a chance to win autographed music memorabilia and even a VIP concert experience.

Beginning in late June, the designs will be available in stores nationwide and while supplies last.

Brian Farmer is Highsnobiety's Managing Editor and is based in New York City.

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