Contrary to the official Instagram feed, it’s not all sneaker drops and new collections in the HS office. Quite a bit of printed matter comes through our doors; not all of it involves naked women, either.

Some of the selections are paper imprints from our favorite brands or agencies, others are indie publications that have piqued our interest — all feature distinctive storytelling, even if it isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes we’re drawn to a particularly ardent piece of prose, other times it’s arresting photography or an unusual layout that makes us revisit an already-read page, sometimes it’s a combination of all three.

Every two weeks we share a few of the volumes that have found a permanent home on our office shelves or in the living spaces of our writers and editors.

Morena Publications – Richard Kern with Michelle

New York-based photographer Richard Kern worked alongside Spanish print house Morena to produce this monograph venturing into artistically portrayed nudity. The subject is Kern’s yoga partner known only as Michelle, who was shot over a two-day period in Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut. Complementing the photo spread, the magazine culminates in an in-depth interview between Kern and Michelle.

Desillusion #50 – Volume 2 “Safer”

An examination of skateboarding culture through an artistic filter, this 204-page coffee table book by Desillusion includes contributions from Dennis McNett of KREW, Chippa Wilson of Nixon, Thomas Campbell of Element, Austyn Gillette of HUF, and more. The contents include a how-to piece on starting an independent art/music space, an investigation into the surfing culture of Sri Lanka, and other long-form articles, all paired with original photography.

ELEPHANT Issue 27 Summer 2017

The cover star for ELEPHANT‘s 27th issue is none other than visual artist KAWS, or rather the giant Companion figures that he recently erected in Yorkshire Sculpture Park’s Longside Gallery. The art-dedicated publication additionally surveys how artists like Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Jeff Koons and more have built powerful personal brands, as well as how logos and advertising impact the art community.

The Moodboarders x Rizzoli –  “Stories of Odd Design”

Curated by journalist, critic and art director Cristina Morozzi, “Stories of Odd Design” is a collaborative volume between design title The Moodboarders and famed publisher Rizzoli. Readers of this 333-page edition will be treated to reviews, jewelry, sculptures, edible fashion, pet photography and much more, constituting an all-encompassing editorial approach focused around offbeat design stories.

Blue Blooded – Denim Hunters and Jeans Culture

In case the title didn’t give it away, this thick, Gestalten-powered opus is devoted to everything denim. Bound in an Italian-made raw denim cover for effect, this denim bible of sorts runs the complete gamut of the fabric’s history, discussing production methods, styling tips, repair methods, seminal denim brands like Levi’s and Lee, new-age labels like Naked & Famous, and so much more.

Vancouver-born, Berlin-based writer, photographer and editor with a steady hand on the keyboard.

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