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Luca Benini’s Slam Jam shop has been selling some of the best street and fashion labels for decades. Benini’s an influential industry figure in Europe, where he helped plenty of streetwear brands make headway, thanks to his membership in the original International Stüssy Tribe.

These days, Slam Jam remains one of the most diverse shops in the world, offering limited goods from UNDERCOVER, covetable Nike collaborations, and up-and-coming labels like Wil Fry.

Right now they’re slashing prices from labels like Nike, Brain Dead and adidas x Raf Simons at up to 50% off – and there are plenty of goodies left in stock in various sizes. Best of all, Highsnobiety readers get an exclusive 10% off the already heavily discounted prices. Simply enter “HSNOB10” at checkout and you’re good to go.

Here are the 10 best items to buy right now. And if you haven’t dropped after shopping these, then check out our picks from MR PORTER, SSENSE and Revive.

Wil Fry Double Layer Short

Retail price: $166.80
Sale price: $66.72

Why you should cop: If you aspire to the leggings-under-shorts look but can’t bring yourself to actually wear leggings, consider these Wil Fry layered shorts a healthy compromise. It has a boxy fit and a slight dropped crotch so you can get your goth on, and as an added bonus, TWO POCKETS on the rear—a true rare beast in the wild.

UNDERCOVER Isolation Coat

Retail price: $803.36
Sale price: $562.35

Why you should cop: Part of UNDERCOVER’s 25th anniversary retrospective collection, this minimal beige coat features tonal buttons, a logo patch, and seems pretty clean. Then you turn it around and realize Ian Curtis’ face is emblazoned on the back, staring down anyone behind you and getting “Isolation” stuck in their heads. “But if you could just see the beauty / These things I could never describe / These pleasures a wayward distraction / This is my one lucky prize.” Come to think of it, that’s a pretty apt description for the appeal of this coat. Good on you, Joy Division.

Cav Empt C4V Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Retail price: $145.68
Sale price: $101.64

Why you should cop: This long-sleeve pocket tee from Cav Empt features the brand’s logo on the back of the shoulders, and cool heatmap print at the end of the sleeves. Buy it because it sort of reminds you of Predator vision. GET TO DA CHOPPA.

Minotaur Wrinkle Classic Pant

Retail price: $279.51
Sale price: $139.75

Why you should cop: Minotaur is a cult Japanese label known for cerebral twists on menswear staples. These baggy pants are a mix between your favorite track pants and a proper pair of trousers. Made of nylon, they’re sure to announce your arrival at any function you wear them to, making that strangely calming “whoosh!” sound as you walk down the street.

Nike Special Project Cortez Basic QS 1972 Sneakers

Retail price: $86.56
Sale price: $60.59

Why you should cop: These kicks commemorate the Nike Cortez’s first release in 1972. A staple in California subculture, the sporty runner’s origins are further expanded in Phil Knight’s recent memoir, Shoe Dog. At this price, you can afford to add them to your collection.

NEIGHBORHOOD Headlight Long Sleeve Shirt

Retail price: $224.61
Sale price: $179.61

Why you should cop: Maybe Shinsuke Takazawa’s been watching a ton ofPortlandia lately, but he put a bird on an otherwise simple chambray shirt. NEIGHBORHOOD’s workwear is as versatile as it is well-made, so it’s the type of thing you’ll keep around for a few seasons, if not forever. Besides, you’ll probably wear a jacket over it more often than not, so then the chest patch would be kind of moot, no?

adidas by Raf Simons Stan Smith Sneakers Silver Metal

Retail price: $272.30
Sale price: $190.61

Why you should cop: Metallic sneakers are usually gross, but when combined with the timeless Stan Smith silhouette, they’re pretty decent. Add in a designer touch from Raf Simons, and it’s the icing on the cake. No wait, the actual icing is that since they’re on sale, they’re actually decently priced.

adidas Originals White Mountaineering Windbreaker

Retail price: $234.43
Sale price: $164.10

Why you should cop: This high-collared windbreaker from adidas’ collab with Japanese label White Mountaineering is the kind of gear you would rock during a leisurely jog up whatever a futuristic, dystopian version of the Super Aggro Crag looks like. It also features a two-way zip, so you can rock those rare hemlines to your heart’s content.

Futur Mountaineer Sweatshirt

Retail price: $170.41
Sale price: $102.25

Why you should cop: Channelling the current penchant for tracksuits and the fact that every other dude is more than willing to wear pink these days, this half-zip top from Futur is pretty cool, and even better at 40% off. You could rock it with some super light dad jeans and runners of your choice. Sadly, it has nothing to do with the rapper Future.

Brain Dead Noragi Chore Coat

Retail price: $220
Sale price: $154.63

Why you should cop: Brain Dead mixes three cool things: the Japanese Noragi, a practical chore coat with pockets for your crap, and a nylon coaches jacket for this slightly off-kilter layer. It also has a screenprint on the inside, which is barely visible, but still a nice little detail.

Words by Jian DeLeon
Editorial Director

Jian DeLeon is the Editorial Director at Highsnobiety. He is based in New York.

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