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Adlan Mansri gets behind the lens for the latest edition of our recurring photography series, 36 Frames.

At 24 years old, Mansri is a native Frenchman who’s now based in Berlin, so it comes as no surprise that the young creative likes to shoot youth, parties and what surrounds him on a day-to-day basis. In his own way, Mansri is trying to capture what today’s younger generation is like by exploring things like its relationship with the body, with time and the city surrounding it. His work is intimate and spontaneous.

“I aim at picturing a moving portrait of a generation seeking a place to belong,” he explained. “We are a pure product of the past generation’s political actions. We have no borders anymore, we are torn between our parents’ culture, and the world the internet gave us to see.”

Having traveled quite a bit, although not enough by his standards, Mansri has been lucky enough to venture through Europe (France, Belgium, England, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland, Malta, Germany, Czech Republic) and North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt). “Traveling helped me a lot, it opened my eyes and my mind.”

He continued, “People I have met helped me do it. Other cultures, other stories. Berlin made me meet people from all over the world.”

To get an idea of how Mansri sees the world, scroll through his 36 frames above.

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