Paris hosted the Nike SB AM’s third round last week – despite most eyes being on football, a sizable crowd still gathered at the Palais de Tokyo venue. Aurelien Giraud, who secured first at the London AM, took first place once again.

Intrigued by the pop-up park created within the Palais de Tokyo, we asked a pro-skater and architect about Paris’s skateboarding credentials. “All of Paris is a monument,” explained Santiago Sasson, “I love feeling like I’m skating on a postal card.”

For Sasson, the line between what’s architecture and what’s a skate spot are blurred. “As an architect it’s always cool finding ways to make something skateable,” he continued, “I reinterpret the regular functions of curbs, benches, stairs, rails, ledges, and so on. You can skate on almost anything.”

Despite enjoying Parisian skating, Sasson expressed a real love for San Fransisco: “The city has crazy architectural and skateboarding history, plus nothing feels better than going downhill.” Fellow competitor, Casper Brooker on the other hand, told us, “I like Copenhagen, it’s got a good vibe, and the people are great too.”

Returning to the competition, we asked Sasson and Brooker how they’d use the €20,000 prize Nike SB are offering, and they gave very different answers.

“I’d take a trip around the world to experience different cultures, see more architecture and hear people’s stories.” Sasson explained, “I want to know more about people so that I can build better things.”

With jovial honesty, Brooker said, “I’d like to say I’d be sensible, but I’d probably go on an expensive holiday with my girlfriend or buy extravagant clothes. I’d save a little but probably just splash out.”

Both agreed, however, that they’re less interested in competition skating and more interested in having fun skating with friends. “If you do well it’s great,” Brooker commented, “but if not it’s fine, you’re enjoying time with your mates.”

The final stop for the Nike SB European Series is Germany. The Berlin Open will host pros from Europe and beyond in Shelter Park, as they compete for a share of the €20,000 prize purse on July 8 to 10.

To recap, here’s what went down during the first leg of the competition in Barcelona.

Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor
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