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Trés Bien is a store that probably needs no introduction. But in case you’re wholly unfamiliar with the Swedish shop, the gist is that they’ve been one of the most influential independent menswear retailers on the internet. Brothers Simon and Hannes Hogemann have a keen taste that reflects not just in their offerings, but the interesting way they style the clothes on their models. You probably remember several shots of a black model with cool hair named Sunjatha Conta.

Before mixing high-end and street-savvy brands was commonplace everywhere, Trés Bien was the online retailer leading that charge. It was one of the few spots you could find Margiela, Common Projects, Our Legacy, Engineered Garments, Stüssy, and Nike Tier Zero releases under the same virtual roof. That kind of mix is the same attitude that informs their in-house line, full of covetable-yet-wearable pieces.

Now that they’ve recently slashed the prices on their spring offerings to make way for fall stuff, we did some digging and highlighted 10 awesome items worthy of adding to your cart. And if these don’t strike your fancy, then check out our picks from MR PORTER, SSENSEReviveSlamJam, and Goodhood.

Margaret Howell Zip Pocket Jacket

Retail price: $405
Sale price: $318.94
Why you should cop: Margaret Howell’s mastered clothes that are so perfect in their minimal utility that you can’t help but admire them. Her take on the trucker jacket is made of a spring-appropriate cotton/linen blend in a versatile navy blue that’s complemented by tonal buttons. The zip pocket on the front is the ideal finishing touch that gives it an additional workwear touch.

UNDERCOVER 25 Years Sweatshirt

Retail price: $415
Sale price: $326.81
Why you should cop: There are plenty of UNDERCOVER graphic tees and knits where you’re pretty much just paying for the logo. This is not one of those. This oversized crewneck is actually black on the front and navy on the back, with a cool wabi-sabi seam that fuses both sides together, it alludes to Jun Takahashi’s “Paper Doll” collection from 2003, which included a bunch of patchwork knit details and was very much inspired by dressing paper dolls. The front celebrates UNDERCOVER’s 25th anniversary, so it doubles as a collectible souvenir of sorts.

Marni Velcro Sneakers

Retail price: $450
Sale price: $330.75
Why you should cop: Marni’s high-end take on the Nike Air Rift does away with the split toe but retains the sneaker/sandal/water shoe hybrid appeal of the original. It’s a weird sneaker, but beautifully so. The sole is a lot more substantial than the Air Rift too, while the neoprene and mesh upper retain the sporty appeal of its inspiration. This is the ideal summer shoe for the guy who absolutely hates flip flops but has a problem with sweaty feet.

Brain Dead Supreme Architect Hoodie

Retail price: $200
Sale price: $157.50
Why you should cop: Part-art collective and part-cool guy brand, Brain Dead’s appeal falls somewhere between skater style and fans of super obscure ephemera like bootleg movie posters and vintage porno. Sleeve prints are usually incredibly corny, but they manage to make them look downright cool when paired with an artful graphic on the front.

Arc’teryx Veilance Monitor Coat Jacket

Retail price: $1,200
Sale price: $945
Why you should cop: Arc’teryx Veilance is what Shadow Project is to Stone Island—a way for the traditional performancewear company to test new ideas and fashion-forward silhouettes. The Monitor Coat is a fishtail parka nerd’s dream come true. Made of 100% nylon, it’s got details like taped seam zippers, an adjustable collar, and the ever-so-important notched vent at the back—and it falls at just the perfect length. It’s still pricey on sale, but considering it’s the type of outerwear you’ll keep around forever, the only reason it’d be impractical is if you live in a place where it literally never rains.

Engineered Garments Fatigue Short

Retail price: $245
Sale price: $192.94
Why you should cop: Engineered Garments absolutely slays the military trouser game, and the same goes for their shorts. Inspired by fatigue pants with reinforced pockets, designer Daiki Suzuki adds a little zipper compartment to one front pocket, making for a convenient place to stash things like keys and weed. Made of a super light indigo cloth, they’re ideal for sweltering days or vacations to warm locales.

A.P.C. New Standard Washed Jeans

Retail price: $200
Sale price: $157.50
Why you should cop: A.P.C. jeans are the kind of wardrobe staple you can’t help but stock up on once you find your favorite fit. The New Standard is the perfect balance between slim and skinny, and this washed take appeals to your inner dad without being so light that people can spot you coming from a mile away. Jerry Seinfeld would be proud.

Trés Bien New Bomber Jacket

Retail price: $315
Sale price: $198.45
Why you should cop: Trés Bien’s in-house line is full of gems people sleep on. With the same subtle Scandinavian appeal possessed by labels like Acne and Our Legacy, it takes menswear staples and shifts them just enough without getting too crazy. Their take on the cropped bomber jacket is made from a black cotton/polyamide blend with a boxy fit, so feel free to wear it over an oversized hoodie when the weather gets cooler. The flap pocket on the chest is a nice little touch that also functions as a convenient place to stash your phone between ‘gramming your fit.

COMME des GARCONS Seam Detail Cardigan

Retail price: $330
Sale price: $259.58
Why you should cop: True CdG fans appreciate the little details that distinguish Rei Kawakubo’s wearable masterpieces. Sure, plenty of it is really hard to pull off, but this knit isn’t. Made from a wool/acrylic blend, the seams are reversed on the placket and sleeves, adding a slightly eye-catching line that complements the cardigan. And at a discount, it’s reasonably priced considering it’s made in Japan.

Trés Bien Camp Trousers

Retail price: $225
Sale price: $141.75
Why you should cop: Another piece from Trés Bien’s extremely underrated in-house line, these cotton/rayon trousers have an elasticated waist and two flapped front pockets that infuse a bit of additional military steez. Cuff the hems up or wear them with a little bit of stacking for a more modern look.

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