Of all the varieties of sunglasses in the world, the classic Aviator must surely be one of the most tinkered with. But the iconic frame is given one hell of a makeover by MYKITA and Maison Margiela, the latest entry in their collaborative ESSENTIAL collection that renders it nearly unrecognizable.

The new model has been named the MMESSE012, a singularly obtuse title that plays at the incredibly hard-to-define shape of the glasses themselves. While the Aviator shape is recognizable, it is off-set by the pentagonal lenses and rounded double bridge. The new frames come in four colorways: a marsh-green, purple, metallic gold, metallic silver and creamy grey.

Look out for the MYKITA x Maison Margiela MMESSEE012 frames to appear on MYKITA’s online store and in select retailers.

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