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Milan is one of the great fashion capitals of the world, so it seems natural to assume that the majority of its residents are a stylish breed of people. But a gang of Vespa-riding bad boys with a flair for fashion seems far-fetched (if not imaginary) to say the least. Nonetheless, this pack of sartorial slumdogs was a genuine subculture in 1980s Milan, and it has proved to be the chief inspiration behind the newest editorial from vintage collectors Too Hot Limited.

These biker boys were called the Paninari, and they spent their days haunting the sandwich bars and café’s of Milan’s back-alleys. They were among the first to incorporate the sportswear brands of the era into their aesthetic, turning brands like Moncler, Stone Island and Best Company into go-to street style labels.

Vintage pieces from those brands find their way into Too Hot Limited’s “Paninaro” editorial, which spins familiar elements of Italian life into a vision of chic. The featured model holds aloft huge slice of pizza and cups of gelato as he roams the streets in a selection of graphic-laden pullovers, polo shirts and windbreakers. Too Hot Limited had previously played with iconic cities in a collection from last year based on Moscow, but here the world of the Paninari is here brought to fully realized life.

Visit Too Hot Limited’s online store to browse a few of the editorial’s featured pieces.

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