No alcoholic drink is as under-appreciated as tequila. It’s speedily poured and consumed; and for some, it evokes memories of college years, bad decisions and not knowing when to call it a night. Only once you’ve learned to appreciate the smooth and rich taste can you comprehend 1800 Tequila‘s significance.

What you do is important, not what you say. 1800 Tequila says it all without saying a word; its quality speaks for itself, a concept they call, “Enough Said.” Having worked previously with Kid Ink, the brand invited us to interpret “Enough Said” and its meaning.

We enlisted three artists to help portray the concept and show how their work boldly and fearlessly communicates a message. New York photographer Johnny Castle, Chicago-based blogger Multimarz and singer Theophilus London let their art talk for them, they thoroughly embody the notion of “Enough Said.”

1800 Tequila honors the heritage of tequila; 1800 being the first year it was distilled and aged, while the bottles triangular shaped is reminiscent of ancient Mayan pyramids in Mexico. 100% Weber Blue Agave – aged for 8-12 years – provides its complex flavor, described as fruity and peppery. The blue agave plant is used to make all tequila, once harvested, it’s processed and aged to create the drink we know. The long manual effort behind the beverage should make you think twice before overlooking tequila’s sophistication.

You can watch our video above (it speaks for itself) and shop 1800 Tequila via the link below.

Tequila isn’t the only alcoholic drink we’re unschooled on, do you know your whiskey from your whisky? If not, check out our guide.

Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor
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