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Tesla’s Autopilot mode has claimed its first fatality

A man driving a Tesla model S car on autopilot mode has died after an accident with an 18-wheeler truck. “Neither Autopilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor trailer against a brightly lit sky, so the brake was not applied” said Tesla, resulting in a collision. The technology remains in beta testing, with the incident putting further scrutiny on the matter. – Wired

Accused murderer from Serial podcast granted retrial

Adnan Syed, the seemingly innocent man who was charged and found guilty in a court of law of murdering his then-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, in 1999, has been granted a retrial. Having always maintained his innocence, Syed has already served 16 years of a life sentence. His case made headlines all over the world when it was the subject of the podcast Serial, which no doubt helped support his retrial plea. – The New York Times

Austrian election result overturned, second election to be called

The Austrian election in May resulted in Green-backed Alexander Van der Bellen narrowly beating out the populist rightwing Freedom party. While Europe breathed a sigh of relief, the constitutional court has just now annulled the vote after it was revealed there were irregularities in the count in several constituencies. A new date is yet to be set, but hopefully the result remains the same. – The Guardian

The hole in Earth’s ozone layer is shrinking

Finally some positive news for the planet. The hole – or thinning area over Antarctica, rather – has been showing promising signs of healing itself, confirming that the 1987 ban on chlorofluorocarbons is working. While the size of the area reached its largest on record last year, research shows the ban is helping to reverse some of the effects, with the expectation that it will be patched up by mid-century. There’s hope for humanity yet. – Engadget

Portugal beat Poland in Euro 2016 quarter final

Portugal are the first team to proceed to the Euro semis, with a win over Poland last night. After a 1-1 full-time score, extra time didn’t afford a resolution and so it went to penalties, where Portugal had a clean 5-3 win. – ESPN

Selfie latte art of your favorite tennis player exists at Wimbledon

Sports fans are the most diehard, so it almost doesn’t come as a surprise that currently at Wimbledon you can purchase a cappuccino with Andy Murray’s mug on it. If latte art weren’t already bad enough, coffee brand Lavazza is using printing technology and drops of coffee extract to create average looking images of famous faces. – Mashable

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