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Trump praises Saddam Hussein

It’s been more than a year since Trump launched his presidential campaign, and with all the controversial statements that he has excreted from his mouth over the last 12 months, it would be logical that we’d be completely numb to them by now. Nope! Because here’s another one that’ll leave you stuttering: at a rally in North Carolina, he saved some praise for former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, exclaiming: “He killed terrorists. He did that so good.” Admittedly, it wasn’t outright praise, as he did call him a “bad guy,” but this admiration for totalitarian tendencies is terrifying. – Washington Post

FBI lets Clinton off the hook

Hillary Clinton’s long-running legal scandal relating to her use of private email servers has finally come to an end, and she’s been let off the hook by the FBI, although the bureau’s director, James B. Comey, reserved some harsh words for the democratic nominee, describing her actions as “extremely careless.” In a normal election year this could’ve been a fatal blow, but luckily for Clinton her opponent is so much worse. – New York Times

Watch Louisiana police shoot Alton Sterling

Just as there was a slight lull in cases of American cops killing unarmed ethnic minorities (or maybe there’s just been a lull in media coverage of it), officers in Baton Rouge went and killed Alton Sterling, a 37 year-old that was merely selling CDs. A horribly graphic video of the incident has emerged, which will hopefully help indict them for their actions. – The Independent

Man arrested for molotov attack on Google

A 30 year-old Oakland man was arrested for throwing molotov cocktails at a Google building which exploded near one of the company’s Street View cars. It’s suspected that he might be to be blame for a number of other attacks on the company, which include the vandalism of a self-driving car and shooting at the windows of one of its offices. Maybe he was avenging Ask Jeeves? Only time will tell. – Gizmodo

China hunts for aliens with massive space telescope

Having put the finishing touches on the world’s largest space telescope, China is ready to “study pulsars” and search for alien life across the cosmos. Costing $185 million, the telescope can pick up radio waves from 1,000 light years away, and plenty of other technical jargon that none of us understand. – TechCrunch

Jose Mourinho unveiled by Manchester United

Following three years of mediocrity, Manchester United have decided to stop faffing about and appoint a proper manager, the same one that they decided against appointing exactly three years ago: Jose Mourinho. While the deal was penned several weeks ago, his official unveiling only went down yesterday, and in true Mourinho style, he has strut in with an arrogant swagger and promised the club and its fans unadulterated swagger. – Screamer

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Words by Aleks Eror
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