Is there no end to the talents of Margot Robbie? From explaining complex financial concepts in The Big Short, to breaking down 50 funny Australian slang terms in this new Vanity Fair video, Robbie knows it all.

In under four minutes, a beachside Robbie teaches us all how to properly use phrases like “fair dinkum” (“far out”) and “pash rash” (“when you kiss too much and your face is all red, you’ve got pash rash,” Robbie says). Unsurprisingly, perhaps, Aussie slang is laced with insults and terms to describe beers, parties and all different kinds of bathroom activity. “Thong” and “fanny,” in particular, have some very different meanings Down Under.

Watch the video above to find out.

Look out for Robbie in her latest film Suicide Squad, which is set to hit theaters on August 4. See the trailer below.

It’s not just the action in Suicide Squad that looks good, the soundtrack is also going to kick some serious ass.


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