Though the process of legalizing marijuana on a state-by-state basis has been…hazy…to say the least, it has provided us with more sets of concrete data regarding its use than ever before. Priceonomics, an online data studio, has been culling through this mass of statistics and has come up with a comprehensive look at the most popular weed products on the market. Suffice to say, the results of some of these trends are a little surprising.

The study used data from dispensaries across the country, and began by breaking down the most popular individual products. The top three slots belong to specific strains of herb by a popularity level that exceeds any others by a wide margin. Cartridges for vapor pens are unsurprisingly one of the top-sellers, reflective of the vape craze sweeping the nation. However, several products in the best-seller list may be unfamiliar to even the most stoned of stoners. Weed-infused carbonated beverages for instance, only appeared on the market two years ago, and the infamous pot-brownie has been usurped by the likes of marijuana chocolate and even weed throat lozenges.


The data also gives a glimpse into the rising products in the market. The most popular rising weed-product is live resin, which is a concentrate directly from cannabis flowers that excludes the drying and curing process of the marijuana plant entirely. The aforementioned “weed-soda” follows close behind, as do treats like pot-caramels.


Check out the whole study on Priceonomics and stay tuned for more marijuana goodness.

In related news, Microsoft recently announced its intentions to become involved in the weed industry.

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