Last week, we took you behind-the-scenes of Japan’s Nishi Shuzo brewery and inside the process of creating its signature shochu. But the nation has countless culinary wonders, some of which extend to hybrid-versions of treats that may be more familiar to your palette. Our latest video explores Tokyo’s alternative coffee culture, namely, a New York-inspired café called Bear Pond Espresso.

Bear Pond Espresso is the brainchild of Katsuyuki Tanaka, a barista-extraordinaire and Tokyo local. Tanaka spent the majority of his adult life in New York, where he witnessed the rise of the city’s coffee culture in the East and West Village neighborhoods firsthand. After working his way up the ladder and conquering the city’s coffee scene, Tanaka was struck with the inspiration to take all he’d learned back to Japan. It was there that he opened his store, located in Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa neighborhood.

Watch the full video above, and stay tuned for more culinary magic.

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