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After lead singer Alice Glass very publicly separated herself from the band, the future of Crystal Castles seemed grim. Yet despite his other half cutting all ties, producer Ethan Kath decided to soldier on with their electro-goth outfit. He replaced the formidable Glass with new singer Edith Frances, and together they have previewed pieces of new music that remarkably maintain their former sound. Now the duo have officially announced AMNESTY (I), the first album under the new Crystal Castles lineup.

Along with the announcement, the band has dropped a new track called “Char” and shared the album’s artwork. “Char” has all the hallmarks of a classic Crystal Castles song, which means atmospheric production, haunting vocals and a general sense of demonic foreboding. The cover-art also implies a true return-to-form, carrying on their tradition of showcasing creepy children in nightmarish locations.

AMNESTY (I) is out on August 19, listen to “Char” in full and see the album tracklist below:


1. Femen
2. Fleece
3. Char
4. Enth
5. Sadist
6. Teach Her How to Hunt
7. Chloroform
8. Frail
9. Concrete
10. Ornament
11. Kept
12. Their Kindness Is Charade

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