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Truck driver kills 84 people in terrorist attack in France

Bastille Day celebrations in the southern French city of Nice ended in tragedy yesterday after someone drove a truck full of explosives into a crowd of revellers, driving roughly 1.25 miles and killing 84 people in the process. The explosives didn’t explode and the driver was shot and killed by police. Yet another mass tragedy in France that makes you wonder what local security forces actually do when they seem incompetent to stop these sort of incidents. – BBC News

There were 130 fake weed overdoses in New York this week

K2, otherwise known as “spice” and a variety of other names, is a synthetic cannabinoid that’s legally available in many places. It’s also much worse than real weed, and has led to some 130 overdoses over the course of three days this week in New York City. This almost amounts to the total of the entire month of June, which makes you wonder what they’re putting in this stuff when it’s messing people up so badly. – New York Times

Theresa May abolishes Department of Energy and Climate Change

Having voted against climate change legislation in the past, Britain’s new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has wasted no time in her push to make the world a more terrible place and abolished the Department of Energy and Climate Change in her very first day in office. It’s said that it’ll be absorbed into some other department, but expecting it to have some actual operational use is probably wishful thinking and is a major set back to the gloabl battle against climate change. Although that was probably a futile one anyway. – The Guardian

Pastor denounces Pokémon Go as satanic

Pastor, radio host, and all-round Christian nut job, Rick Wiles, took to the airwaves recently to denounce Pokémon Go as satanic “digital demons,” describing the AR app as a “magnet for demonic powers,” and questioned what would happen if the same technology fell into the hands of ISIS and let them see where Christians are located. Yup. – Gizmodo

Goth’s not dead, 40 years later

Flash-in-the-pan trends come and go with the seasons, but one that has endured relentlessly over the years is goth, which has been around for some four decades now. Not only has it existed as its own niche subculture, it’s one that has bled into the mainstream in varying shapes and forms at different moments during these intervening 40 years. But what’s the enduring appeal? – Washington Post

Mick Jagger expecting latest child at age 72

Rolling Stones frontman and walking Viagra advert, Mick Jagger, is expecting his eighth child at the wrinkly old age of 72. The mother of the child is his 29 year-old girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick, a ballerina, who must have put all her flexibility to use when draining the seed out of Jagger’s frisky old corpse. Let’s keep in mind that his eldest child is now 45. That must feel so awkward. – Yahoo News

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Words by Aleks Eror
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