For being a band now nearing two decades of existence, Animal Collective has had an impressively good year. The legendary indie rock-electro band released their eighth studio album Painting With, wrapped up an international tour and are just generally doing more with their lives than most middle-aged dad bands. For them, this means creating a custom line of skateboards, thus proving that they are most definitely cooler than any fathers you roll with.

Created with Habitat Skateboards, the band has created three different skate decks, one for each current member of the band. Inspired by the album art for Painting With, the skateboards sport colorfully warped human figures that seem to have popped right out of a 2-tab acid trip. The flip side of the boards is a simple solid color splash, arriving in red, blue and green. Each board retails for $55, and is available via Habitat’s online store.

Animal Collective’s chaotic new record Painting With is available for streaming everywhere.

In other skating news, this new book from Palace is a veritable history lesson, but you know, interesting.

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