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At its high times there was nothing that was harder to get a hold of than the BAPE full zip shark hoodie. eBay was pretty much the only way to go and even there you did not come across that many, because people simply did not want to get rid of them. That is now a few years ago, but it almost feels like BAPE is already on a comeback, especially its most iconic pieces and it does not get much more iconic than this.

For Summer 2016 A BATHING APE has now released the Color Camo Embroidery Shark Full Zip Hoodie. The hoodie comes in green, purple, red and blue camouflage versions, featuring the BAPE shark design embroidered across the front and varsity lettering embroidered on the back. Priced at $428, you can now get them from Undefeated and BAPE’s own online store.

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