Out in the real world news is happening and here are the highlights.

More U.S. cop killings, this time in Baton Rouge

If Baton Rouge sounds familiar to you that’s because the Louisiana town made headlines recently after Alton Sterling, an unarmed black man selling CDs was shot to death by police, leading to a spate of protests. Now, a lone gunman has thrust B.R. back into the spotlight after killing three officers and injuring another three as an act of vengeance for the murder of innocent black civilians. The shooter is dead and these sort of incidents look set to become a regular thing. – New York Times

The aftermath of Turkey’s coup is going to be messy

While you were out partying on Friday, Turkey’s two main cities, Istanbul and Ankara, were consumed by an attempted military coup looking to oust its authoritarian president, Erdogan. Tanks took to the streets, the president appeared on Facetime from his holiday home, the people rallied against the tanks and the whole thing fizzled out pretty quickly. Some 6,000 people have been detained thus far, including 29 generals, while some 290 people lost their lives. – The Guardian

Terrorist attacks in the West aren’t so bad

Terrorism is usually framed as a Western problem orchestrated by people that hate our freedom. The reality is, however, that such attacks happen all over the world and Europe and the Americas gets off pretty easy, with 658 deaths spread over 46 attacks compared to 28,031 in 2,063 across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Who knows, maybe they’re freer than us over there? – Washington Post

Teens shot while playing Pokemon Go

In more Pokemon Go related news, two teenagers in Florida were shot in their car while playing the game after a home owner whose house they were parked in front of grew suspicious that they were thieves. Some might say that they deserved it for playing such a stupid game, while others, such as myself, will use it as an opportunity to remind everyone that America’s gun laws don’t make the nation safer, they make it more trigger happy and lead to incidents such as these. – The Independent

Mexico wins both men’s and women’s “homeless” World Cups

Ever heard of the “Homeless World Cup”? No, neither have we. But apparently the four-a-side footballing (soccer) competition was held for the 14th time this weekend, and Mexico’s homeless took double glory as its men’s and women’s teams vanquished Brazil and Kyrgyzstan in their respective finals. Sounds like Bum Fights, only without the moral complications. – BBC News

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are engaged in beef

Kim K flew in to defend her man from Taylor Swift after the country pop singer got all huffy about him referring to her as “that bitch” in a song lyric. Using Snapchat as her medium, the video reveals a phone conversation between Swift and West where she approves of the lyrics. Unsurprisingly, the claws are out and feathers are flying on the web. – DigitalSpy

Words by Aleks Eror
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