The summer of 2016 has been besieged by two unstoppable forces that are literally impossible to avoid, unless you have been lucky enough to fashion a home from under a rock. The first is a little ditty called “Panda,” a tune by Desiigner that you may have heard in every building with a speaker system. The second is an app called Pokémon Go, a game aimed to pierce right through your ‘90s nostalgia center that people have come close to killing themselves over. So buckle your seat belt, these two cultural juggernauts have collided into a single video.

Desiigner being filmed playing Pokémon Go in the wilds of New York’s Central Park is exactly as entertaining as you are currently imagining it to be. Being 19, and a survivor of the initial Pokémon craze that swept through his childhood, the rapper is pretty passionate about it. So when added to his already high-octane approach to daily existence, his experience playing the app looks less like a day enjoying video games and more like someone who ate Adderall like it was Tic Tacs.

Despite his enthusiasm at catching them all, Desiigner takes the time to snap a few pics with fans, and all this through his characteristic yelling of random syllables. Whatever you say about him, you can’t deny that man has a real lust for life. Or Pokémon. Either really.

Watch Desiigner in action below:

In related news, Desiigner finally released his highly anticipated single “Tiimmy Turner.”

Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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