Where form meets function

Magnets are used to both make stuff levitate and to wirelessly charge your electronic devices. It makes sense then that Canada’s AR Designs would combine the two uses to create this impressive new wireless charger.

In levitation, the magnets push away, whereas in charging, they pull towards each other. AR Designs found a way around that with its soon-to-be released OvRcharge, which will purportedly simultaneously power and invisibly lift up your device.

This miraculous means of juicing up your Android or iOS phone or tablet is different to last year’s Energous WattUp, which uses RF to charge your gadgets at a distance, and it remains to be seen whether or not it will be quite as effective. But still, it’s one hell of a party trick.

The device is over a third of the way to its Kickstarter campaign goal with a few weeks left to go. The early bird deals cost around $160, with delivery planned for this December.

Watch the promo video below.

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