You’ve probably never thought to use the adjective “clever” on a piece of furniture before, but you’ll definitely reconsider after seeing this.

Anyone who has ever lived in a smaller space is familiar with folding furniture, like folding chairs. However, it’s extremely rare that these pieces make artistic statements when put away. Korean designer Jongha Choi looked to change that in De-Dimension, where each piece of furniture collapses to form a 2D representation of the same piece. The pieces can subsequently be hung on walls to function as colorful wall art, or even just as a simple convenience.

The idea stemmed from Choi’s thesis for the Eindhoven Design Academy in the Netherlands. “In our current situation, in which modern society experiences the image, in relation to advertising, image circulation and the internet, why do we not question an image’s confinement to a flat surface,” Choi declared in his thesis.

It’s definitely a compelling idea – you can experience the Jongha Choi’s ingenuity firsthand in the video above.

Words by Marcus Cho
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