Glenfiddich, the world’s most awarded and best selling single malt Scotch whisky has partnered with Josh Peskowitz of men’s concept shop Magasin to create a capsule collection.

Titled Glenfiddich’s Wardrobe XXI, the collection will bring the spirit of high-end menswear together with the quality of exceptionality behind Glenfiddich’s 21 year old single malt whisky. The collection is true to its roots in the most literal sense – in designing the collection, Peskowitz himself visited Scotland for personal immersion of its unique regions.

After his first-hand look at the culture behind Scottish production and meetings with various Scottish craftsmen, Peskowitz developed a true sense of the culture of Scotland. “One of the most inspiring things that I saw in Scotland was how a respect for tradition sat side-by-side with innovation at Glenfiddich’s facilities, to protect the integrity of the product—down to the preservation of their water source. Scotland was at the forefront of my mind when putting the collection together. Context is everything.” Peskowitz has proclaimed.

For Peskowitz, the visit meant giving Glenfiddich’s Wardrobe XXI an authentic feel without compromising the innovation necessary to produce quality contemporary pieces. The bespoke menswear line will feature soon-to-be announced designers and will challenge convention while paying homage to tradition.

Glenfiddich’s Wardrobe will debut Fall 2016. Preview the inspiration behind the collection in the video of Peskowitz’s visit to Scotland.

Words by Marcus Cho
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