Massive Attack have had an incredibly productive year, particularly on the visual front. The past several months have seen the band drop a hypnotic visual starring Kate Moss and a swinging lamp, and one starring Gone Girl’s Rosamund Pike in a disturbingly violent battle with an alien robot being.

The band’s latest visual is for a brand new single titled “Come Near Me” featuring Ghostpoet, and though it is far subtler in content, it is just as (if not more) deeply unsettling than the rest of their output.

The simple concept of a couple literally drifting apart from each other is turned into a highly artistic dance sprawled across six minutes. Filmed in the English coastal town of Hove, the video sees said couple stalking across a variety of locales, at one point nearly getting bowled over on a busy highway.

And if it seems more disturbing than it should, it may be because Massive Attack have been scouring through old horror films for inspiration. The video for “Voodoo in My Blood” starring Rosamund Pike and that horrid robot ball is a clear homage to the infamous subway station scene in the ‘80s cult classic Possession, and this clip continues to reference the body-horror flick, making clear visual reference to lead actress Isabelle Adjani.

“Come Near Me” is set to appear on the upcoming EP The Spoils, watch the full video above and stay tuned for more music video creepiness.

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