Contrary to the official Instagram feed, it’s not all sneaker drops and new collections in the HS office. Quite a bit of printed matter comes through our doors; not all of it involves naked women, either.

Some of the selections are paper imprints from our favorite brands or agencies, others are indie publications that have piqued our interest — all feature distinctive storytelling, even if it isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes we’re drawn to a particularly ardent piece of prose, other times it’s arresting photography or an unusual layout that makes us revisit an already-read page, sometimes it’s a combination of all three.

Every week we’ll be sharing a few of the volumes that have found a permanent home on our office shelves or in the living spaces of our writers and editors.

Jenkem Vol. 1

You might remember the guys at online publication Jenkem from a certain video series that involved skateboarding in YEEZY 350 Boosts and Gucci loafers, among other examples of non-traditional skateboarding footwear. Now Jenkem has its very own hard-copy volume, and we’re big fans. In the first volume, you’ll find humorous pieces like “The Most Terrifying Skate Shoes” alongside interviews with Sage Elsesser and Anthony Van Engelen.

FRANCHISE Magazine Issue 1

FRANCHISE is a curated outlet for basketball culture, focusing on the visual and cultural aspects of the sport. Released quarterly, the publication digs into basketball’s influence on music, art, design and fashion, illuminating the dialogue between basketball and contemporary culture.

WAD Magazine Issue 69

Our friends from WAD magazine in Paris recently celebrated their 69th issue in style. The theme of the issue is the suggestive number itself, which is articulated through a range of provocative editorial content, including polaroid photo galleries and erotic op-eds, supplemented by more than enough NSFW content.

SOFA Magazine Issue 1

SOFA is a brand new magazine that explores one tantalizing, terrifying, tantamount or taboo topic per issue. Dedicated to Generation Z, the publication’s very first issue is framed around an examination of today’s teenage culture. Remember guys, life is just a chatroom.

Whisky – The Manual

A book about how to drink whisky, it doesn’t get more straightforward than that. In case you aren’t intimately familiar with every Irish, Japanese and Canadian variety, the preferred mixers, or the secret to making a perfect whisky sour, then this title may be a strong addition to your library.

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Vancouver-born, Berlin-based writer, photographer and editor with a steady hand on the keyboard.

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