Out in the real world news is happening and here are the highlights.

Trump squabbles with dead soldier’s father

One of the more poignant moments of the Democratic National Convention occurred when Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim American soldier killed in Afghanistan took to the stage to lambast Trump for his hateful rhetoric against Muslims, claiming that he is a man who has never sacrificed anything. Khan’s wife joined him on stage but didn’t offer any soundbites, something Trump has used to lash out against him in yet another tit-for-tat verbal battle that he becomes embroiled in so often, insinuating that Ghazala Khan wasn’t allowed to speak, playing on stereotypes of Islamic misogyny. You stay classy, Donald. – Washington Post

The GOP really is the stupid party

A lot has been said how an outsider like Donald Trump managed to stage an aggressive takeover of the Republican party, but in reality his nomination is the ultimate culmination of many decades of anti-intellectualism that has attracted the dumbest members of the American electorate, a body that has grown so stupid that most Republican politicians can’t even manipulate them anymore. Until someone who can stoop to their intellectual level comes around, that is, someone like Donald Trump. Here’s how that happened. – New York Times

Protestors unleash roaches and locusts on London burger chain

Byron Burger, an affordably fancy (but nonetheless overpriced), middle-market burger joint popular across London made headlines recently after helping organize a sneaky sting operation on some of the illegal immigrants that it employs, handing them over to the authorities that will pretty much certainly deport them. Well, after much bad press and public outcry for being such heartless bastards, a couple of far-left protest groups unleashed a swarm of live roaches, locusts and crickets onto a Byron burger joint, forcing it to shut and inflicting even more bad press onto the chain. – The Guardian

VICE acquires Starworks Group, getting deeper into fashion

Despite doing so many thing so well, VICE just never managed to grasp fashion properly. So the media empire bought i-D a few years ago, and now it seems to be getting even deeper into the fashion sphere by purchasing Starworks Group, a brand development and creative agency specializing in communications and content creation in the fashion and beauty industries. The purchase is mainly to continue so expertly tapping into the millennial market, a demographic which is now entering its peak purchasing years. – Business of Fashion

Game of Thrones is coming to an end

So the rumors are true: Game of Thrones is set to be slain at the end of season eight, meaning everybody who enjoys TV that combines dragons with softcore porn only has two more seasons to enjoy this peculiar mix, so says HBO programming president, Casey Bloys. But remember: don’t cry because it’s (almost) over, smile because it happened. – Wall Street Journal


Words by Aleks Eror
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