At this point in the year, chances are you’ve probably listened to Chance The Rapper’s glorious new full-length Coloring Book. Aside from boasting some of the best songwriting of his career, the mixtape also functions as a who’s who of music game titans, with featured artists including the likes of Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Future and even Justin Bieber.

But one particularly affecting guest spot came from an up-and-comer named Noname, who just happened to release her debut mixtape Telefone yesterday on SoundCloud.

Much like Chance, Noname (aka Noname Gypsy) is a fierce rapper who also found her way into the recording booth by way of the Chicago suburbs. And those drawn to the intimate soundscapes Chance created on his breakout work Acid Rap (a mixtape on which Noname also garnered a brief guest spot) will find a lot to love on Telefone.

The production evokes the familiar haze of a woozy stoner jam, but is far too crisp and bouncy to be labelled as such. Lyrically, Noname is just as openhearted as Chance, rapping about fond memories of eating ice cream on her front porch and shifting gears to discuss the pressures of motherhood on a young woman in the span of a single verse. But don’t let all the Chance comparisons dissuade you, Noname’s got a vision and a voice that is singularly her own.

Stream Telefone in full via SoundCloud below.

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