Today is the day. The day that was promised. The day of the new Frank Ocean album. Only, it’s not here just yet. Though there are still many hours left in the day for Frankie to fulfill his obligation to the hordes of bloodthirsty fans desperate for a note of new music, Snapchat has helped make the wait a little easier. As we all sit with bated breath, the app has unveiled two highly tongue-in-cheek Frank Ocean-themed filters.

The first filter is a fairly simple but effective concept. It features a skeleton, covered in a decade’s worth of cobwebs and frozen in a patient position, accompanied with the caption “Waiting for Frank Ocean’s new music like…” It’s cute, but almost a little too real. The second filter is a far more of a deep-cut, identifiable only to the more hardcore Oceanites. It depicts an OSX TextEdit window with the text saying “Dear Frank Ocean…” This in reference to his old Tumblr notes, some of which infamously became the most-talked about aspects of his career.

See the filters below, and stay tuned to see whether we end the day with a new album.

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  • Lead Image: Terry Richardson
Music Editor
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