Frank Ocean is either suffering from an acute, newfound fear of celebrity or is a sadistic musical psychopath. After news broke last week that his long-awaited album Boys Don’t Cry would drop on Friday, the world rejoiced in the fact that this painfully drawn-out release cycle was finally coming to an end. Well the joke’s on us yet again, and further speculation has led to a conclusion that will have you reaching for your Prozac with your Monday morning coffee. The album is now expected to drop in November.

One can’t help but feel slightly betrayed after last week’s hype-hoopla, with Frank’s mysterious live-stream featuring power tools and possibly new instrumentals seeming to promise that something would happen. Desperate to make sense of the chaos that ensued after a weekend of pure silence from Ocean’s camp, the sleuths of the internet have turned back to what once seemed the definitive proof of the album launch: that kitschy library card posted to the singer’s Tumblr.

A laundry list of “due dates” are listed down the card, with the last entry scheduled to arrived in July. Obviously, that date has come and gone, but many have now been quick to point out that the card has another date listed incredibly faintly in the center. That date is November 13, 2016, which we are now clinging to desperately as the drop day. It’s also worth mentioning that this date coincides with Odd Future’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival… perhaps a family reunion is in order? But after so many false starts, broken promises and shattered dreams, who really knows what will happen. Have mercy on us Frank.

If you feel like pretending that we have his new album, here are all the instrumentals that played during his live stream last week.

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