Next year The Simpsons will be returning for their 28th season, and to celebrate the occasion, the animated comedy is scheduled to air its first-ever hour-long episode. The episode will not only be longer than normal, but it will also be hip-hop-themed.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the hour-long installment is loosely based around F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, as it is aptly titled “The Great Phatsby.”

Homer Simpson will be narrating the episode, while Taraji P. Henson is guest starring, playing a character named Praline, an animated take on Empire’s Cookie Lyon. In addition, the delivery will further focus on Mr. Burns and hip-hop mogul Jay G, who leaves Mr. Burns bankrupt after they go into business together.

The Simpsons’ hip-hop-specific broadcast will be a two-part episode, scheduled to air in January of next year.

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Not NYC, not LA.

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