Joe Budden has furthered his rep as a serious no-shit, no-drama rapper by doing what many others before him couldn’t: finish First We Feasts‘s “Hot Ones” spicy chicken wing challenge.

While devouring all 10 of increasingly spicy chicken wings, Joe felt comfortable enough to dish the dirt on his well-documented beef with Drake. He says, “I’m an MC and anybody who puts my name in a rap, or mentions my likeness in a rap, can expect bars” – a reference to Drake’s track “4PM in Calabasas,” which featured several lyrics that Budden took to be insulting and aimed at him.

The rapper also ranks his favorite memes, the best hip-hop beards and the best rappers from New Jersey, as well as explaining his issues with almond milk and his tips for the strip club. Watch the clip above, and don’t miss the moment he takes a bite of the final and spiciest wing.

Once you’re finished, listen to Budden’s diss track about Drake below.

In related news, Drake’s dad has announced he’s releasing an R&B Album.

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