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With the recent surge of racy slogans and branding being placed on fashion products such as “Fear of God” and “Anti Social Social Club,” Lanvin Homme creative director Lucas Ossendrijver was tasked with the difficult mission of setting the fashion house apart. His solution was the concept of individuality – while a simple one, the collection really does express the individuality of the wearer.

The Spring/Summer 2017 pre-collection finds itself remarkably detailed. Pant waists are higher, shoulders are dropped and ragged stitching appears on suit pieces. The high waisted pants are meant with a strong line-up of checked blazers and jackets, as well as some fantastic leather outerwear. The colorful and at times playful shirting is another great signature of the new collection. While the fashion industry has been saturated with a trend of slim-fitting pieces over past years, it’s refreshing to see a famed fashion house taking a risk to break out of the mold. It’s interesting to see how Ossendrijver opted to utilize the season’s color palette – while most brands stuck to muted colors this season, Ossendrijver expresses no fear in mixing up light and dark.

Take a peek at the full collection in the gallery above.

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