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Trump’s chances of winning the election sit at 12%

Many political commentators have declared Trump’s August the worst month ever experienced by a presidential candidate. He has argued with the parents of a dead solider, suggested that gun nuts should execute Clinton, and made pretty much ever other cock-up he possibly could have. As such, he trails Clinton by double digit margins in several swing states, and the Upshot currently puts his chances of winning the election at 12%. Sure, it’s too early to start popping champagne and rolling around in complacency like well-fed hogs just yet, but his repeated refusals to change tact and his sociopathic refusal to ever admit that he may be wrong suggest that his numbers could sink deeper yet. – New York Times

Obama releases his biggest batch of Guantanamo detainees ever

With time ticking on his presidency, Obama is trying to stick to his 2007 promise of shutting Guantanamo Bay as best he can while still falling totally short and not actually shutting it. But every cloud has a silver lining: the 15 inmates he released from the facility are his biggest batch yet and brings the total number in the Cuban facility down to 61. The 15 releasees will be taken in by the United Arab Emirates, where they will be rehabilitated then sent home. Or at least that’s the official narrative. – Al Jazeera News

Andy Murray makes TV presenter look like sexist idiot

After winning his second gold medal following his Olympic tennis victory in London four years ago, BBC presenter John Inverdale congratulated Scottish tennis player Andy Murray on being the first player to win two golds, oh, apart from Serena and Venus Williams, that is, who have won four – but they don’t count, as they don’t own penises. Murray pointed this fact out to Inverdale (the one about the medals, not the penises), making him look like a right idiot on international television. – The Guardian

Egyptian judo champ sent home after anti-semitic row

Islam El Shehaby, Egypt’s judo representative at the Olympics, was sent home after refusing to shake hands with his Israeli rival, who had beat him in the first round of the Olympic judo competition. This is a regular problem for Middle Eastern sports teams and players at international tournaments, who refuse any sort of interaction with Israelis and it comes not long after a group of Lebanese sportsmen refused to share a bus with their Israeli counterparts. Although it’s a bit of a minor victory that El Shehaby was sent home after losing, because that’s where he would’ve been going anyway. – BBC News

Fidel Castro received a giant cigar for his birthday

Having celebrated his 90th birthday last weekend, Cuba’s revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro, was given a 90 meter-long cigar to mark this milestone – because really: what do you give a man who has lived so lavishly off the backs of his proletariat for five-and-a-half decades? But maybe it wasn’t really a gift, maybe the gift giver is trying to kill him? Because how is a 90-year-old supposed to survive a 90-meter toke? – Business Insider

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