Move over Apple, the real big player when it comes to cutting-edge technology is fast-food chain Pizza Hut. Back last year it shocked the world with its pizza box movie projector, then just last month it took things a step further with an emoji menu. Now, the chain has unveiled the world’s first-ever playable pizza box DJ decks. Yes, you read that right.

Using conductive ink, music and pizza, fans can mix, scratch and release their inner DJ just by tapping and sliding their fingers over the (presumably greasy) controls. The chain partnered with grime royalty P Money and Rinse FM DJ Vectra to show off the box’s sleek design, which is modeled on a modern DJ set up.

It features two turntables, a cross-fader, pitch volumes, cue buttons and the ability to rewind your music. According to Pizza Hut, all you have to do is plug in the battery, connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, download any DJ software from the App Store or Google Play Store, choose your songs to mix, and away you go.

The playable DJ deck pizza boxes are available to claim with the purchase of any collection pizza from five select huts across the United Kingdom. Their exact release dates will be announced today, August 17 via the Pizza Hut Twitter account.

Watch the two videos above to find out more.

Meanwhile, Burger King just added the new “Whopperito” to its menu.

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