With the release of his new video for “Star Dust,” Twelve’Len has set the bar pretty high for his upcoming album FRI(END)S.

The smooth and soulful talent from Carol City, Miami takes everything you love about hip-hop, R&B, indie, pop and soul and transforms it into what he calls “the perfect soundtrack to your last days on Earth.”

Offering an uncut perspective of Dade County, the new aesthetic allows you to more easily tap into that higher frequency of happiness that Twelve’Len is so passionate about. Miami’s other rising star Denzel Curry can also be seen in the video, which may be an early indication of what’s to come in the future.

While Twelve’Len describes his upcoming FRI(END)S album as “all-over-the-place,” if the project is anything like “Star Dust” it’s sure to be a pleasant surprise.

Brian Farmer is Highsnobiety's Managing Editor and is based in New York City.

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