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The majority of yachts are designed with introversion in mind, as to be all-inclusive. Hareide Design’s new 108m mega yacht concept, however, is all about seamless connectivity to its surroundings.

Based on a classic 108m mono hull design, Hareide’s super yacht is designed as a platform for actively experiencing the beauty of nature and the changing elements. The mammoth vessel boasts an elevated dining and viewing area, a tranquil garden surrounding a 20-meter pool, and a seamless transition to the water via its own private beach.

Thanks to 300-square-meters of high-efficiency solar panels charging banks of lithium-ion batteries, the ship is then self-sustainable and equipped with enough energy and power for slow cruising along quiet shorelines. Diesel-electric propulsion is in turn perfect for longer distances and higher speeds.

For a closer look at Hareide Design’s otherworldly 108m mega yacht concept, scan through the images above.

Mercedes also recently unveiled their new limited edition Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Granturismo yacht that is to be limited to just 10 units.

Not NYC, not LA.

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