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For our latest installment of Meet the Muse, we touched down in Australia to catch up with the ever-beautiful Sydney Lima. Shot by Daniel Sachon, Lima wears nothing but vintage pieces sourced from a variety of local shops.

We asked Lima a handful of questions in order to get to know her a little more. See what she had to say below and check out our previous installment with Winnie Harlow. Keep up with Sydney’s day-to-day over on Instagram @sydneylima.

Who or what are you currently inspired by?

My friend, photographer and curator Antonia marsh.

How has your style changed over the years?

Well, I used to run around in nappies and now I run around in jeans.

Which Emoji best represents you?

One out of the new batch that still comes up as a square for some people – just to complicate things.

Who is the film character you’re most like?

Pingu. Nonsensical and loud.

Which sports do you play?

I’m rubbish at all sports.

Last lesson you learned?

Boiling an egg in a kettle does not speed up the process, it merely makes your morning coffee a tad eggy.

Describe your perfect day.

I really want to go to Alton towers but no one will come with me…

What is something you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time, but haven’t yet?

I used to work for a film production company and always wanted to create my own work. I’m currently at the early stages of working on a documentary mini-series, so I guess I’m on my way with that. I also really want to jump out of a plane, in a non-suicidal and strapped to an instructor sort of way.

What album do you currently have on repeat?

Nick Cave Live from KCRW. I like it so much I might even buy it.

What is your most treasured possession?

A Moomin.

What could you eat every day and not get tired of?

Kinder surprises.

If you weren’t doing what you are now, where would you work?

A cake shop specializing in chocolate fondants.

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