Terrence Malick is a director who knows how to do trippy. His 2011 flick The Tree of Life, for example, was an autobiographical story of growing up in Texas contrasted with the creation of the universe and the death of the dinosaurs. And though his films since have been plodding tales of jaded romance, it seems like the enigmatic director hasn’t quite finished with the cosmic world of space and the mysteries of life.

A new trailer has emerged for his upcoming IMAX documentary titled Voyage of Time, and watching the two-minute clip is comparable to taking a massive bong rip (or three).

Voyage of Time is precisely what the title indicates: an in-depth journey through the creation of the universe, the birth of life and the coming celestial destiny of humanity. Needless to say, it’s weighty material.

But unlike his opus The Tree of Life, this film presents an objective look at the mysteries of life culled from the data often found in a university-level science course. It also marks the first time Malick has moved into the documentary format, but as the trailer indicates, that does little to impair his stunning imagery.

And just in case you need that Hollywood touch, Brad Pitt is on hand to act as narrator, reuniting the actor and director after his role in the aforementioned Tree of Life.

Voyage of Time hits IMAX theaters on October 7.

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