Sony has officially introduced its latest FES smartwatch. The new design, dubbed FES Watch U, now features an e-ink display, not only on the face of the watch, but also on the band.

The upgrade is designed to emphasize the fashionable aspect of the wearable tech, as you can change the entire look and style of the watch with the touch of a button. Select FES Watch U models note construction from steel and sapphire, while others simply use glass. The wristwear is waterproof, and the battery will last up to three weeks.

Additionally, the watch comes packaged with 12 different face and band designs, although you can store up to 24 designs on the FES.

Sony currently has a crowdfunding campaign for the smartwatch to see if people outside of Japan are interested in purchasing. The original FES watch was only made available in Japan, however.

In other Sony-related news, take a look at these leaked images that appear to be the new “slim” PlayStation 4.

Not NYC, not LA.

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