Where the runway meets the street

Volcom understands skateboarding is a lifestyle. Having consulted their world-renowned skate team, the brand has partnered up with denim manufacturer, Cone Denim, to create the Volcom Stone Made Collection. A range which utilizes the latest material technology for unparalleled toughness on and off the ramps.

If you’ve recently walked the halls of any major denim trade shows, like Kingpins in Amsterdam and New York, “performance” has been the word on the tips of denim experts tongues from around the globe. One of those manufacturers, Cone Denim, a premier denim producer in American, has been at the forefront of integrating performance fibers into their denim fabrics since they first introduced their patented S GENE stretch technology.

Volcom, with the release of their Fall/Winter 2016 collection, is launching an elevated offering called Volcom Stone Made, a tier of products featuring quality materials and innovative fiber level technology. Each style has one or more cutting-edge attributes. “Superior Stretch” enhances comfort, “Anti-Microbial” stops odor-causing bacteria, “Durability” improves resistance to tears and abrasions, and “Water Resistance” increases liquid and stain repellency.

Both brands celebrate milestones in 2016, which marks Volcom’s 25th year and Cone Denim’s 125th year, making it an ideal time to combine one’s skateboarding wisdom with the other’s heritage denim. The result is a collection that can withstand the harsh abuse the Volcom skate team inflicts on their jeans daily.

Get a closer look at the Stone Made Collection with Volcom’s denim designer J.J. Gonzales in the video above and shop the range via the link below.

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